Thursday, November 30, 2006

WCS Coalition Protests Sirius' Emergency STA to Operate 11 Repeaters

No surprise here. The WCS Coalition objected to the emergency special temporary authority requested by Sirius to bring the 11 "illegal" repeaters that it shutdown back on line in their latest Ex Parte filing to the FCC. It is not the first object that they have filed. Originally, they filed a complaint conceding that the FCC would likely act before they had an opportunity to file. The FCC did not.

They concede that Sirius and XM have blanket authority to add repeaters below 2,000 Watt EIRP. However, they object to any repeaters above the 2,000 Watt limit.

The Coalition does not accept Sirius' ascertion that the violations were minor, noting the the repeater location in Detroit was off by 67 miles (should have been in Lansing). They also complain about beamwidth, which was apparently confused by journalist as bandwidth earlier.

The FCC has not indicated that they will act on XM's or Sirius' emergency requests any time soon to bring the repeaters that shutdown back on line.

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