Friday, November 03, 2006

WCS Coalition Meets with the FCC

On November 02, 2006, the law firm of Wilkinson, Barker, and Knauer representing the WCS Coalition had a telephone conference with the Wireless Telecommunication Bureau of the FCC to discuss the urgency of granting the extension to the build-out for the WCS license holders. If the extension is not granted, the license holders risk losing their licenses in the 2.3 GHZ band. The WCS spectrum is on either side of the Satcaster's spectrum. Both Sirius and XM oppose the extension for obvious reasons.

They noted that licencees had already started spending "significant sums" of money in order to be able to comply with the buildout date. If forced to meet the deadline, they will have to deploy sub-optimal systems. They contend that if the extension is granted, license holder will be able to deploy systems that will make better use of the spectrum. They want to tie the extension to final rules regarding the satellite radio repeaters, so they say. They have yet to reply to recent proposals by Sirius and XM or to show any interest in resolving the issue. One gets the impression that they really aren't serious about resolving the issue but find it useful to make this argument in order to convince the FCC to grant the extension. The issue has been before the FCC since this past March. If the FCC does not rule in their favor, expect full scale panic in the next few month.

Once again, Satellite Radio TechWorld urges the FCC to tell them, "Use It or Lose It".

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