Thursday, November 16, 2006

WCS Coalition Meets with FCC Once Again

Yesterday, November 15, 2006, the WCS Coalition met with the FCC once again to press upon the agency the urgency in granting the WCS license holders an extension to the build out date. Without the extension, they risk losing the band of frequencies on either side of the satellite radio band. They appear to be meeting with the FCC more frequently in an attempt to encourage the FCC to grant the extension.

Both XM and Sirius naturally oppose the extension. They could use these frequencies to expand their services. This band of frequencies has laid fallow for nearly ten years. If only the FCC would grant the extension, according the the WCS Coalition, they would be able to create a viable service. They haven't used it in the last ten years. There is no evidence they would use it with an extension. It has been a total waste. Just imagine the benefit to the public if the satcasters were given this spectrum.

Satellite Radio TechWorld once again urges the FCC to deny the WCS license holders the extension and to tell them to "Use It or Lose It".

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