Saturday, November 04, 2006

Part 15 Low Power Communication Device Transmitters

Satellite Radio TechWorld has compiled a list of every Part 15 Low Power Communication Device Transmitter operating in the FM band and certified since January 01, 2002. This includes all the satellite radios that use FM modulators. The list includes the responsible applicant, their address, and the FCC ID of each device, as well as the links to the associated documentation. Now that the FCC has finished with Satellite Radio, in all fairness, the FCC should now scrutinize each and every one of these other devices to ensure that they are not interfering with the FM reception by other motorists.

Satellite Radio TechWorld respectfully requests the FCC to investigate every device on this list.

Note: If you downloaded the file before 17:20 on November 05, 2006, there was a problem with the links caused by the sorting of the entries.

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