Thursday, November 09, 2006

Delphi Patent Application for Satellite Radio and Video

On November 09, 2006, Delphi had a patent application published for a vehicle entertainment system primarily for satellite radio and video:

[0014] The satellite audio and video signals, A, V, received by the vehicular entertainment module 10, 100, 200 may be broadcast in any desirable band, such as, for example, the 2320-2345 MHz frequency band, which is the SDARS band. Accordingly, the satellite audio signals, A, may include any desirable programming, such as music, talk radio, and the like. User interface information associated with the satellite audio signals, A, such as station numbers, artist name, and the like is typically transmitted with the satellite audio signal, A, for representation on a user interface screen. The satellite video signals, V, may include any desirable video information, such as television programming, movies, video games, navigation information (e.g., maps), graphical representations (e.g., stock information), and the like. The satellite video signals, V, may be received by the receiver 22 and decoded by the audio and video data decoder 24 for output over the video screen 28, or, alternatively, the satellite video signals, V, may be downloaded into the hard drive/memory 32 for decoding and output at a desired time.

United States Patent Application 20060253878
Kind Code A1
Davis; J. Roger ; et al. November 9, 2006

Vehicular entertainment module


A vehicular entertainment module is disclosed. The vehicular entertainment module includes a video screen, speakers/headphones, an audio/video input device, and a satellite antenna and receiver. The audio/video input device processes media input by a user. The satellite antenna and receiver receives satellite audio signals and satellite video signals for decoding by an audio and video data decoder. The video screen and speakers/headphones provide video and audio output from the the audio/video input device or the received satellite audio signals and satellite video signals.

Inventors: Davis; J. Roger; (Russiaville, IN) ; Dockemeyer; J. Robert JR.; (Kokomo, IN) ; Dyson; William E.; (Carmel, IN) ; Long; Jerral A.; (Kokomo, IN) ; Borders; Douglas G.; (Kokomo, IN)
Correspondence Name and Address:
M/C 480-410-202
PO BOX 5052
Serial No.: 125060
Series Code: 11
Filed: May 9, 2005

U.S. Current Class: 725/75; 725/77
U.S. Class at Publication: 725/075; 725/077
Intern'l Class: H04N 7/18 20060101 H04N007/18

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