Monday, October 16, 2006

XM Receives Certification on a New Receiver

On Monday, October 16, 2006, XM received certification on a new receiver. Since, XM chose to keep the details confidential for 45 days, little is known about the new radio. The FCC ID is RS2-X2G100, so we know that it is part of the XM 2 Go family, likely with 100 hours of recording. It could be the Delphi SkyFi 3; it is difficult to tell. There is no mention of Delphi.

It was also certified as a computer peripheral. I haven't quit got this figured out. Diagrams show the satellite radio and a GPS receiver both connected to a computer. It is not clear that the GPS receiver has anything to do with the satellite radio receiver. Update: In fact, further reading seems to suggest that this is part of the standard test procedure to have two I/O devices connected to the computer at once. It appears that GPS has nothing to do with the satellite radio. Here is the PC Peripheral test report.

Okay, I am starting to recall something. The Inno was referred to the Buna project, IIRC. It was even printed on the circuit board. In some of the related documents, this receiver is referred to as BunaX. So, were are going out on the limb here and say that it is another Pioneer product. Unless it has grown an antenna out the top, it definitely is NOT the SkyFi 3.

Below is the back side of the receiver.

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TVGenius said...

Several places in the PDF you linked to, it refers to the unit as the XM2Go 50 also...