Tuesday, October 03, 2006

XM Files 30 Day STA Concerning Repeaters

XM has reduced the power levels of 210 repeaters that were marginally above the authorized power level to bring them into compliance. They reduce the power level of 9 of 11 that were well above the limit. Fifteen of 19 repeaters that were being operated without authority were shut off. The STA requests authority to return 8 of the 15 that were shut off back into operation. XM will file for authority to operate the repeaters on a more permanent basis.

The four repeaters currently operating without authority serve the Ann Arbor, Boston, Buffalo, and Providence areas "where there are large areas dependent on the terrestrial repeater signal for coverage."

The 8 repeaters that were turned off "serve major roadways in Birmingham, Cincinnati, Detroit, New York, and St. Louis markets..."

The remedial action began on September 23, 2006. All appearances are that this was part of an internal audit.

The Declaration gives more insight into how the repeaters are implemented.

Exhibits/Tables (List of Repeaters)

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Anonymous said...

Please include links to the other documents. In particular, I would like a link to the document that lists the locations of all the towers.

Bert said...
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