Thursday, October 05, 2006

WiMax Industry Vents

I read the blurb today on Orbitcast from the WiMax industry with great interest. Anyone that has read this blog for any length of time has heard me vent against the WCS license holders. They are currently petitioning the FCC for additional time to build out their systems.

I am really incensed over their remarks. Over two months ago, XM and Sirius tried once again to engage the WCS license holders over the repeater issues. The response for the WCS licenses holders? Nada. Nothing. Not a DAMN thing. The same as before. It is XM and Sirius that are at a disadvantaged--not the WCS license holders, since XM and Sirius must operate on a non-interference basis. They complain, yet they choose not to engage XM and Sirius on the issues.

The truth of the matter is, yes, XM had a several repeaters marginally over the limit. Big deal. They turned the power level down. They weren't interfering with anyone. End of story. There were a few well above the limits and others operating without any clear authority. Big deal. If XM had made the application, they would have most assuredly been granted the authority to operate them. There are no WiMax installations in the WCS band to interfere with. End of story.

The WCS license holders bought their licenses for a mere pittance. The FCC and the WCS license holders realized at the time that two way communication was likely impractical. XM offered WCS Wireless multiples of what the WCS license holders paid. The public got ripped off by the WCS license holders. They have warehoused the band for nearly 10 years and have given nothing in return. They would like nothing more for the repeaters to disappear so that they could reap billions of dollars with this frequency band at the expense of the public and satellite radio. I have news. It ain't gonna to happen. Satellite radio repeaters ain't gonna go away and two way communications will never be practical in this band as long as satellite radio has its repeaters. It is all a bogus argument. To date, no WCS license holder has made a substantial buildout. Three years later, nothing will change. Satellite radio will still be there and two way communications will still be impractical. XM is just another excuse for their ineptness. It is unfortunate that XM gave them another excuse. It is unfortunate that this blog may have been an unwitting accomplice.

Once again, Satellite Radio TechWorld urges the FCC to tell them, "Use it or lose it."

WiMAX Industry Angry over XM Repeaters [OrbitCast]

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Anonymous said...

they should be forced to give back the spectrum, it was to be used not sat on as and investment for the future....