Monday, October 09, 2006

WCS Coalition Meets with FCC, Complains about XM

On October 05, 2006, members of the WCS Coalition (virtually all of the CONUS WCS license holders except WCS Wireless) met with the FCC to demand a prompt decision from the FCC concerning its request for an extension of time to build out their systems. If not, the WCS license holders will be forced to buildout sub-optimal systems at a high cost.

As anticipated, they used satellite radio and XM in particular as their whipping boy. They were quick to mention XM's recent special temporary authority (STA) concerning repeaters:

"The participants also discussed the history of the Commission’s consideration of Digital Audio Radio Service (“DARS”) terrestrial repeaters, the adverse impact that the failure to establish rules governing those repeaters has had on WCS utilization, and the implications of XM Radio Inc.’s recent admission that is has been operating over two hundred terrestrial repeaters unlawfully."

They complain, yet they refuse to engage XM and Sirius in reaching a solution. Both XM and Sirius have been proactive in attempting to resolve the issues.

Once again, Satellite Radio TechWorld urges the FCC to tell them, "Use It or Lose It".

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