Thursday, October 26, 2006

WCS Coalition Opposes Sirius' Request to Return to Operation 11 Repeaters

Update: I apologized; in my haste, I posted that it was the WCA that filed the letter. It was the WCS Coalition. The letter was posted on the WCA website, therefore, the confusion on my part. I have revised the comments.

The WCS Coalition filed a letter announcing thier intent to oppose the return to operation the 11 repeaters that Sirius recently shut down. The letter confuses XM with Sirius, but their intent is clear; they intend to oppose the 180 day STA for Sirius to operate their repeaters.

The primary issue with the WCS Coalition is that Sirius announced their non-compliance issues then followed that with a petition for rule making that would include grandfathering in the current repeaters. It is unfortunate timing for Sirius.

Neither Sirius' nor XM's emergency request have been granted. Neither Sirius' nor XM's 180 day STA has been unblocked; therefore, no public notice has been generated.

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