Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sportster 4 Receives New Certification

The Sportster 4 received a new certification today. It uses an FM extender to improve the FM reception. They also refer to a remote radiator, which appears to be just a different name for the FM extender. It appears to be a comparable solution to the one XM just disclosed.

Noticeably absent from the internal photos is the FM loop antenna. However, the FM modulator chip is still there.

The manual has a good sketch of the FM Extender:

Referring to the remote radiator, it underwent in situ testing in 3 vehicles, representing small, medium, and a large vehicles: Accura SX, Honda Accord, and Nissan Quest. It was an interesting choice of cars to say the least. There are pictures of the installations, but the following sketch illustrates it better:

The XM solution appears to be more inconspicuous and more suitable for a conventional vehicle antenna. The Sirius solutions appears to be less daunting to install, but the XM photos may be deceiving. The actual photos of the Sirius installation looked horrible, but this was because the FM Extender appeared to be taped in place. Hopefully, this was done for expediency and not out of necessity.

Let the debate begin over which has the better solution.

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