Friday, October 13, 2006

Sirius Shuts Down 11 Repeaters

On October 13, 2006, Sirius made a request to operate 11 repeaters. Its a rather curious application. It states that the 11 repeaters are not currently operating. It also states that 10 of the 11 were operating at or below its authorized power and that all but one was operating within 10 miles (~half within 2 miles) of its designated location. Some of the 11 have issues with beamwidth, orientation, sectorization, or height. Sirius shut these 11 repeaters down and is now requesting authority to resume operation of these 11 repeaters.

The repeaters that were shut down are in Akron; Atlanta; Greensboro, NC; Harrisburg; Knoxville; Monterey, CA; Orlando, Pebble Beach, CA; Philadelphia, Lansing, and Wilmington.


Also, like XM, Sirius requested an emergency authority to operate these repeaters for the next 30 days.


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Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any idea when these repeaters will be functional, again?

Bert said...

Until the FCC approves the STA, it could be a while. Typically, such emergency requests are honored within a day or two. XM's request has been lingering going on 3 weeks. It's not good news to either that these emergency requests haven't been approved.

Sirius is like, "Opps. We made some mistakes. Let's us operate anyway." XM was more like, "We had to make practical decisions and the changes were insignificant and we now have a better system. And, by the way, we made a few mistakes." If XM applied the same standard as Sirius and said that within 10 miles is close enough, XM likely would not have had any repeaters that weren't covered. If Sirius had applied the same standard as XM, they would have admitted that most of these 11 repeaters were operating without authority. In the end, will it matter to the FCC? Probably not.