Thursday, October 12, 2006

OT: Toshiba Receives Certification for Cell Phone/Organizer

When I saw the FCC ID (SP2-SF4-E02), I thought this might be a cell phone/satellite radio combo called the SkyFi 4. Such is not the case. I thought that I might as well post it as I am sure there are reader here that are interested in new products. Here's a couple of photos of the TS705-G phone. This may just be an update to a previous model.

It is a cell phone, organizer, camera, BlueTooth device, media player, video caller, and video recorder, all in one. It uses a Micro SD memory card. One interesting aspect is that it can be used with Vodafone. I don't know if this is unique. I have never thought about it, but I could use that. I spent $170 last month just on cell phone calls to/from Canada, and that's with an international calling option. The manual is here.

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