Sunday, October 01, 2006

I Love Lucy

Sometimes one stumbles across items of interest. This is one such case. It is old news really, but it is apparently still being litigated or whatever the term might be for trademark infringement.

On June 10, 2005, CBS Broadcasting filed an opposition to XM's use of "Lucy" for one of it music channels, saying that it would be damaged by it. CBS is the owner of the "I Love Lucy" trademark.

It is CBS' belief that XM's use of "Lucy" would be confusing and mis-leading, would damage and dilute the goodwill of thier trademark, "give color of exclude statutory rights to Applicant (XM) in violation and derogation of Opposer's (CBS') prior and superior right", and would suggest a connection between CBS and XM.

It's a slow process to process. The timetable set forth to resolve the conflict is as follows:

August 3, 2005 Discovery to begin
January 30, 2006 Close of discovery
April 30, 2006 A 30 day testimony period for CBS to close
June 29, 2006 A 30 day testimony period for XM to close
August 13, 2006 A 15 day rebuttal to close

Apparently, all that is over with now. No other status is available. Presumably, the two parties are waiting for a ruling by the USPTO.

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TVGenius said...

I suppose Fred and Ethel probably aren't helping XM's case in this matter...

Bert said...

That's an excellent point. It would seem to undermine XM's position that it was unrelated.