Thursday, October 12, 2006

GPS/XM WX Combo Patent Application

A Bushnell patent application was disclosed today, October 12, 2006, for a combination unit for a rugged, portable GPS with weather data tied to location. Although is says that it could work with Sirius or XM or other services, it specifically mentions the XM WX service. I would have to have one of these. This has huge implications for first responders.

It was originally thought to be a Garmin application. No ties can be found back to Garmin. The real applicant is making a conscience effort to hide who they are. Two of the inventors can be tied to Bushnell in Overland Park, Kansas, plus one other inventor that appears on another, similar application. Perhaps Bushnell is planning to enter the GPS market. GPS is not listed as one of their products on their web page, but clearly there are GPS applications tied to Bushnell. There is a Bill Cross and a Richard Ball listed as inventors in the previously linked application. In other applications, there is a John W. Cross, probably the same as Bill Cross. There are also several other applications that tie all the inventors to a Christopher Lalik, not a very common name. Lalik is also listed as a Bushnell inventor.

The legal firm has now been tied to Bushnell. It appears conclusive that this is a Bushnell application.

It appears that Bushnell is going into the GPS/Weather data business.

United States Patent Application 20060229810
Kind Code A1
Cross; John ; et al. October 12, 2006

GPS device and method for displaying weather data


A GPS device and method for associating current and forecasted geo-referenced weather data with location data in a hand-held ruggedized GPS device having an integrated weather data receiver, wherein the weather data can be displayed alone, particularly on larger scales, or in conjunction with the location data.

Inventors: Cross; John; (Overland Park, KS) ; Nyhart; Scott; (Shawnee, KS) ; Ball; Richard; (Overland Park, KS) ; DeCastro; John; (Lenexa, KS)
Correspondence Name and Address:
SUITE 1400
Serial No.: 103164
Series Code: 11
Filed: April 11, 2005

U.S. Current Class: 701/213; 701/200
U.S. Class at Publication: 701/213; 701/200
Intern'l Class: G01C 21/00 20060101 G01C021/00

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TVGenius said...

All the cities listed with the names are within commuting distance of Garmins facility in Kansas City.

Bert said...

It sure thought it was Garmin, but it starting to appear that it is Bushnell, which is located in Overland Park, Kansas. If the law firm can be tied to Bushnell, then it will be conclusive.

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