Monday, October 09, 2006

Details Out on XM's Recently Certified Radios

The AudioVox, Sportscaster, and XT details are out. For now, here is the link to the coupler manual for the Sportscaster.

Here's a couple of coupler photos from the the Roady XT re-certification. Notice the clip on unit. The glass mount is shown below:

The following is a photo of the FM Direct unit. It seems to be much simpler that my old in-line FM modulator.

Looks like XM has made a real attempt to resolve the FM modulator issue. Although the radio contains an FM modulator, it does not have an internal FM loop antenna like the Ki Ryung radios, such as the Sportster 4. The XM radios should provide much better results.

Here are a few more details contained in the Q&A.

And finally, here are some glass mount photos.

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