Friday, October 06, 2006

Breaking News: Arbitron Personal Meter

On October 06, 2006, Arbitron received FCC certification on its new Personal Meter for recording one's TV and music listening habits. It's a pretty cool device. It picks up on signals encoded in the music and TV programs and records and timestamps the user's listening habits. It can be worn to acquire this information on the go or placed in its recharger to pick up listening habits in the home. There can be multiple rechargers in the home. The rechargers communicate to a collector via the AC wiring in the home. Once a day, the collector sends the information back to Arbitron via the phone lines (see photo to the right). It is the collector that required FCC certification.

There is more information on the Personal Meter on the Arbitron website. Below is a picture of the wearable device from that website.

The user receives points for wearing the unit. One receives $5 per month just for participating. A bonus is received for wearing it just over an average 14 hours a day. A point is awarded for every 10 minutes of "green light" time. Six hundred points or more earns one an extra $2.50 a month. After 90 days, each participating household member receives a one time $100 gift, plus a $100 annual gift.

For further information, see How to Use Your Personal Meter.

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TVGenius said...

I was on the Homescan panel for AC Nielsen for a while, and they were recruiting me for their PPMs. My wife didn't want to do it though...

cynjt said...

I was asked to carry the personal meter and I think it will be okay.

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