Thursday, October 19, 2006

Apple: Audio Sampling and Acquisition System Patent Application

Apple had a patent application published today for the purchase of media items. Identifying information is recorded from a broadcast such as from "FM, AM or XM" to facilitate a later purchase.

United States Patent Application 20060235864
Kind Code A1
Hotelling; Steve ; et al. October 19, 2006

Audio sampling and acquisition system


Techniques for facilitating purchase of media items, such as digital media assets, are disclosed. A computing device, e.g., a portable media device, can save media indicia pertaining to one or media items of interest to a user. The media indicia can thereafter be use to purchase the one or more media items or other products associated therewith.

Inventors: Hotelling; Steve; (San Jose, CA) ; Hodge; Andrew Bert; (Menlo Park, CA) ; Schubert; Emily Clark; (Los Altos, CA) ; Borchers; Robert Edward; (Pleasanton, CA) ; Dorogusker; Jesse L.; (Menlo Park, CA) ; Bell; Chris; (Pacifica, CA)
Correspondence Name and Address:
P.O. BOX 70250
Assignee Name and Adress: Apple Computer, Inc.

Serial No.: 210172
Series Code: 11
Filed: August 22, 2005

U.S. Current Class: 707/101
U.S. Class at Publication: 707/101
Intern'l Class: G06F 17/00 20060101 G06F017/00

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jeff SATMOJ said...

Slick... really slick. As I read the application Apple has found a whay for anyone to hear any sond from any source. and either get the data from the player directly or take a sound sample and then send it to a data base that would then Identify the song for you the ask you if you wish to purchace it from ITunes. Thats pretty slick I do not see it as them worried over XM Napster or Sirius Yahoo only that part of the problem with an Ipod is the lack of new music. if you hear something new and press a "capture button" on your Ipod and then can search and find and purchace the song.. well thats simply a brilliant idea. Good for them. I doubt its going to be a big money maker. But it cool its slick and I like the Idea. I will still listen to my XM though.

Bert said...

It's an interesting patent, but from the satellite radio point of view, it is insignificant. I suppose that it is significant that satellite radio is now on Apple's radar. Whether Apple sees satellite radio as competitor or as a point of convergence or simply competition, at least it is now on the radar.

The mention of satellite radio today on applications is commonplace. I would not read too much into Apple's use of it or that it specifically called out XM.

And perhaps it is significant that Sirius is not mention. However, one has to look at when the application was filed. At that point in time, Sirius wasn't much a factor. Since the Stern revolution, the outlook has changed and I imagine Apple's perception of Sirius as a competitor/partner has changed.

It is amazing how this stor--first reported on Satellite Radio TechWorl--has gotten around. A lot of opinions have been expressed, mostly favorable to satellite radio. IMHO, it is a non-issue. The only significance is that satellite radio is now on the radar.