Wednesday, September 13, 2006

XM Files Most Comprehensive Emergency Alerts System Document Yet

On September 12, 2006, XM filed the most comprehensive document yet on its current and planned emergency alert system plans. If you are interested at all in XM's Emergency Alert System, this is a must read document. Satellite Radio TechWorld is still evaluating the contents, but here are some of the more interesting comments:
  1. "By early 2007, XM is planning to provide in its second-generation XM2Go receivers (such as the Pioneer Inno and Samsung Helix) the ability to enable subscribers to choose to be alerted when a state or local EAS alert is being transmitted over an Instant Traffic, Weather & Alert channel." It will use the tune select feature.
  2. XM is still working on crank and battery powered receivers.
  3. XM is currently working with FEMA to upgrade the EAS distribution structure. By the end of 2006/early 2007, XM plans to provide a "communications vehicle" for Presidental Level EAS messsages to XM customized receivers at approximately 100 sites.
  4. "XM also envisions becoming a primary backbone for delivery of the Presidential Level EAS message, not just to the PEPs, but to all participants in the EAS."

Sounds like XM is really stepping up to the plate on public safety.

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