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Title 47 Part 25 Section 144 Requirements for Satellite Radio

These are the requirements that the FCC will examine before determining whether or not to approve Sirius' application to launch a new satellite. The only obstacle is the interoperable radio requirement. The FCC dinged XM over this but approved XM's replacement satellites just the same. It should be noted that it took the FCC over two years to approve Sirius' request to change from geostationary satellites to the non geostationary constellation they use today; however, the FCC very quickly issued a special temporary authority for Sirius to do so. If there is an interest, I can publish that process.




Subpart B--Applications and Licenses

Sec. 25.144 Licensing provisions for the 2.3 GHz satellite digital audio radio service.

(a) Qualification Requirements:

(1) Satellite CD Radio, Primosphere Limited Partnership, Digital
Satellite Broadcasting Corporation, and American Mobile Radio
Corporation are the applicants eligible for licensing in the satellite
digital audio radio service.

(2) General Requirements: Each application for a system
authorization in the satellite digital audio radio service in the 2310-
2360 MHz band shall describe in detail the proposed satellite digital
audio radio system, setting forth all pertinent technical and
operational aspects of the system, and the technical, legal, and
financial qualifications of the applicant. In particular, applicants
must file information demonstrating compliance with Sec. 25.114 and all
of the requirements of this section.

(3) Technical Qualifications: In addition to the information
specified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section, each applicant shall:

(i) Demonstrate that its system will, at a minimum, service the 48
contiguous states of the United States (full CONUS);

(ii) Certify that its satellite DARS system includes a receiver that
will permit end users to access all licensed satellite DARS systems that
are operational or under construction; and

(iii) Identify the compression rate it will use to transmit audio
programming. If applicable, the applicant shall identify the compression
rate it will use to transmit services that are ancillary to satellite

(b) Milestone requirements. Each applicant for system authorization
in the satellite digital audio radio service must demonstrate within 10
days after a required implementation milestone as specified in the
system authorization, and on the basis of the documentation contained in
its application, certify to the Commission by affidavit that the
milestone has been met or notify the Commission by letter that it has
not been met. At its discretion, the Commission may require the
submission of additional information (supported by affidavit of a person
or persons with knowledge thereof) to demonstrate that the milestone has
been met. The satellite DARS milestones are as follows, based on the
date of authorization:

(1) One year: Complete contracting for construction of first space
station or begin space station construction;

(2) Two years: If applied for, complete contracting for construction
of second space station or begin second space station construction;

(3) Four years: In orbit operation of at least one space station;

(4) Six years: Full operation of the satellite system.

(c) Reporting requirements. All licensees of satellite digital audio
radio service systems shall, on June 30 of each year, file a report with the
International Bureau and the Commission's Laurel, Maryland field office
containing the following information:

(1) Status of space station construction and anticipated launch
date, including any major problems or delay encountered;

(2) A listing of any non-scheduled space station outages for more
than thirty minutes and the cause(s) of such outages; and

(3) Identification of any space station(s) not available for service
or otherwise not performing to specifications, the cause(s) of these
difficulties, and the date any space station was taken out of service or
the malfunction identified.

(d) The license term for each digital audio radio service satellite
shall commence when the satellite is launched and put into operation and
the term will run for eight years.

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