Friday, September 15, 2006

Sirius Receives Three New Certifications

This could be breaking news. The Stiletto Home Kit received certification today. The external pictures are available here. One can also view the prelimary manual here. It was incorrectly reported before that the Home Kit had the FM modulator. The manual clearly indicates that it is the radio that has the FM modulator. Sorry for the confusion.

In addition, the new StarMate 3 received certification, as well as the new Stratus. The StarMate preliminary manual is here and the Stratus manual is here. Photo are available here and here.

All great news for Sirius!

Examining the internal photos, it is clear that the Stratus and StarMate 3 use an internal FM loop antenna, like the Ki Ryung receivers. There does not seem to be any special wire or technique to enhance the reception of the FM signal. The StarMate 3 does seem to push the limit more than the Ki Ryung radios, so reception for these could be better than the Sportster 4, for example. However, our conclusion is that the FM reception will not likely be very good. If you are buying this for yourself or as a gift and FM modulation is the only option, plan on using the FM Direct Adaptor option.

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