Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sirius Files for Licence for Two Domestic Ku-band Earth Stations

On September 21, Sirius applied for a license to operate two domestic Ku-band satellite earth stations out of New York City in order to service their clients. The satellite earth stations will operate in the 11700-12200 MHz and the 14000-14500 MHz frequency bands using Vertex/RSI model KXK 7.2 meter antennae. The intended use is for digital audio and data. This appears to be similar to the recently filed Nissan application. The application describes it as follows:

Description: Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. seeks to license two domestic Ku-band earth stations in New York City, New York. The earth stations will transmit and receive digital carriers and provide broadcast operations to Sirius Satellite Radio's clients.

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