Sunday, September 03, 2006

Satellite Radio Comparisons

After poring over some of the test reports for some of the latter certification grants, I put together the following table to see how they stack up:

The margin is how close they are to the limit. The StarMate is bumping pretty close to the limit. There's not much room for error should the FCC decide to test the radio. The Sportster 4 and the Roady XT are about the same. Both have been backed off the limit by a significant margin. The AudioVox is a little closer to the limit than these two, while the Sportster 3 is even further away that the Sportster 4.

Not all radios are created equal. XM uses a special FM coupler, which one might assume would improve the reception. It is still unclear what method the StarMate is using. The Sportsters use an internal loop antenna.

I just hope the FCC doesn't reject the AudioVox application because of typos.

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