Friday, September 01, 2006

Delphi Patent Application: Method and System Using Preamble Detection to Demodulate a PSK Carrier Signal

This patent application appears to relate to the six or seven other Delphi patent applications related to hierarchical modulation.

United States Patent Application 20060193407
Kind Code A1
Dibiaso; Eric A. ; et al. August 31, 2006

Method and system using preamble detection to demodulate a phase shift key carrier signal


A method for performing demodulation of a phase shift key carrier signal includes receiving a data stream extracted from the carrier signal, the data stream having a preamble, and detecting the presence of the preamble. A phase/frequency correction is provided if the preamble is detected.

Inventors: Dibiaso; Eric A.; (Kokomo, IN) ; Hiatt; Michael L. JR.; (Westfield, IN) ; Walker; Glenn A.; (Greentown, IN)
Correspondence Name and Address:
M/C 480-410-202
PO BOX 5052
Serial No.: 068416
Series Code: 11
Filed: February 28, 2005

U.S. Current Class: 375/343
U.S. Class at Publication: 375/343
Intern'l Class: H04L 27/06 20060101 H04L027/06

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