Thursday, September 07, 2006

Delphi Patent Application: Hierarchical Modulation

Here's yet another Delphi patent application published today for hierarchical modulation for satellite radio.

United States Patent Application 20060198452
Kind Code A1
Dibiaso; Eric A. ; et al. September 7, 2006

Method to minimize degradation in a D-MPSK hierarchical modulation system


The present invention provides a method to minimize degradation in a D-MPSK hierarchical modulation system by adding additional data throughput (i.e., secondary information) as an offset to the primary signal transmitted by a SDARS terrestrial repeater. The present invention provides techniques for adding the additional throughput as Level 2 data by transmitting offset phase and/or amplitude information across adjacent OFDM symbols and/or adjacent frequency subcarriers.

Inventors: Dibiaso; Eric A.; (Kokomo, IN) ; Walker; Glenn A.; (Greentown, IN) ; Hiatt; Michael L. JR.; (Westfield, IN)
Correspondence Name and Address:
M/C 480-410-202
PO BOX 5052
Serial No.: 069254
Series Code: 11
Filed: March 1, 2005
U.S. Current Class: 375/260; 375/308
U.S. Class at Publication: 375/260; 375/308
Intern'l Class: H04K 1/10 20060101 H04K001/10; H04L 27/20 20060101 H04L027/20

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