Thursday, August 17, 2006

Today's Patent Applications

Below is a list of Patent Applications published today that are worth a second look:

Delphi - System and method for transmitting signals having audio data in a vehicle
This patent application is design to resolve the FM modulator issues. It first transmits a higher power ISM frequency signal. The receiver receives the signal and re-transmits it as an FM signal. Presumably, the receiver is located near the car radio antenna.

Universal Music Group - Method and system for enabling commerce from broadcast content


The present invention is a method and system of allowing a user to receive additional information regarding broadcast content. A user's playback device is provided with an "Info Button" that can be clicked by the user to tag the content or sub-content while experiencing the content or sub-content. The user can be provided with information and/or commerce opportunities relating to the tagged content. Identifiers, markers and fingerprints that can identify the individual content and sub-content can be captured by the playback device when the Info Button is clicked. A Content ID can be transmitted or played back with the content and can be a unique identifier to the content. Further, a Broadcast ID, a FSA ID and a Device Manufacturer ID can also be transmitted or associated with the content.

Nielson Media Research - Signature-based program identification apparatus and methods for use with digital broadcast systems

Signature-based program identification apparatus and methods for use with digital audio and/or video systems are disclosed. The disclosed systems and methods develop signatures of digital audio and/or video content from a digital data stream at two or more sites and compare the signatures to one another to identify the content.

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