Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sirius Discusses the Emergency Alert System with the FCC

At the request of the FCC, Sirius participated in a conference call with the FCC on August 18, 2006, to discussed the Emergency Alert System (EAS). Satellite radio is required to participate in the EAS. Sirius indicated that they are willing and able to broadcast aggregated and authenticated messages to all listeners when made available. Sirius presently plans to broadcast the alerts to the affected regions covered by the 11 channels of traffic and weather. In addition, the alerts will be broadcast over the Emergency Weather and Traffic channel, Channel 184. The traffic and weather channels will direcet listeners to Channel 184 for additional information. Listeners outside the areas covered by the traffic and weather can also tune to Channel 184 for additional information.

The FCC proposed that Sirius develop an alert similar to the Game Alert to direct all listeners to the emergency channel when there is an emergency situation. Sirius' current radios are not technically capable of providing this service, but it is technically feasible for the future. The FCC also suggested that Sirius add another emergency channel.

XM had a similar conference with the FCC on the same day to discuss these issues; however, less detail is available.

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