Thursday, August 03, 2006

Satellite Radio Antenna Patent Application

Mitsumi had a patent application published today for a satellite radio tuner in an antenna. It sounds like similar technology as XM Connect & Play. They seem to indicate that it is for one of the American satellite radio providers, but it is not immediately clear. They seem to imply that it is for an automobile, but not necessarily so.

XM displayed an XM Connect & Play antenna for cars that they were working on a year or so ago. Could this be it? Could it be Sirius' answer to the Connect & Play? We will have to wait and see.

United States Patent Application 20060174299
Kind Code A1
Watanabe; Takeo ; et al. August 3, 2006
Antenna unit equipped with a tuner portion


An antenna unit equipped with a satellite radio tuner and a tuner-unequipped head unit are connected to each other through a serial bus cable. Equipped in the antenna unit, the satellite radio tuner has a tuner portion, a digital demodulating portion, an interface portion, and a CPU. The interface portion serves as a speech/serial converting portion for converting a digital speech signal into a serial signal. The head unit includes an interface portion for receiving the serial signal sent from the antenna unit through a serial bus cable. The interface portion serves as a serial/speech converting portion for converting the received serial signal into the speech signal.
Inventors: Watanabe; Takeo; (Novi, MI) ; Honma; Yasuyuki; (Tokyo, JP) ; Suzuki; Takumi; (Akita, JP)
Correspondence Name and Address:

220 Fifth Avenue
16TH Floor

Assignee Name and Adress: Mitsumi Electric Co. Ltd.

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