Friday, August 25, 2006

Patent Application for Tiered Satellite Radio Service

A tiered satellite radio service is not a new idea. There are a couple of other patent applications in recent times with similar ideas. It is a viable option to attract the masses. Most people like the idea of satellite radio but a large number refuse to pay for the service--that is until they are exposed to it. It is an idea worthy of debate. The following application was published this past Thursday:

United States Patent Application 20060190970
Kind Code A1
Hellman; Martin E. August 24, 2006

Security enhanced tiered subscription broadcast system


A broadcast system is disclosed that allows a broadcaster to provide multiple levels of subscription services. Subscribers have the option of listening to fewer (or no) commercials if they pay a higher fee, or listening to more commercials if they pay a lower (or no) fee. Commercials can be demographically targeted, cannot be skipped, and can be audited for billing purposes.

Inventors: Hellman; Martin E.; (Stanford, CA)
Correspondence Name and Address:
    Martin E. Hellman
730 Alvarado Ct
Serial No.: 305097
Series Code: 11
Filed: December 16, 2005

U.S. Current Class: 725/75; 725/2; 725/25; 725/74
U.S. Class at Publication: 725/075; 725/025; 725/002; 725/074
Intern'l Class: H04N 7/18 20060101 H04N007/18; H04N 7/16 20060101 H04N007/16

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Anonymous said...

This is total bs as both Sirius and XM have discussed this for years. He is simply some guy phishing for a lawsuit and should be denied the patent based on prior art.

droobie said...

I brought this up over a year ago as a suggestion.. Kinda figures some toolshed patents it.. :)