Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ki Ryung Receives 4 Re-Certification Grants

On August 31, 2006, Ki Ryung received four re-certifications. One was for the Sportster 3 re-certification (FCC ID P3HNSPH3) that was earlier either withdrawn by Ki Ryung or dismissed by the FCC. Three other radios were also re-certified: the Sportster, the Visor, and the Sirius One (FCC IDs P3HNSPHR1, P3HNXTRH3, and P3HNSVH1G3S) . I incorrectly reported before that all four of these had previously been certified on August 09, 2006. The Sportster 3 is the only one that was had been previously re-certified then. This time around it was the older Sportster and Visor that were re-certified, plus the newer Sirius One. The Sportster was originally certified on August 08, 2004; the Visor, June 10, 2005; and the newer Sirius One, February 13, 2006.

The ones certified on August 09, 2006, were the Sportster 3 (FCC ID P3HSP3), the Sportster Replay (P3HNSPHR2), the newer Visor (P3HXTRH3G3S), and the older Sirius One (P3HNSVH1).

If I am following Ki Ryung's numbering correctly, they are distinguishing the previous generation of radio from the third generation by the "G3S" designation, at least for some of their radios. All the radios on August 31, 2006, had an "N" after the PH3. Previous re-certifications had a second "H" in the number. The "H" and "N" likely represent particular modifications to the FM modulator circuit.

It's a mystery why they might re-certify an older generation radio, but perhaps one or the other is for the Canadian market. Perhaps there was something wrong with the original certification documentation that had to be corrected.

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Tim said...

i check your blog daily good information on a regular basis, your last blog has a bad link
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Mars Gradivus said...

Thanks, Tim. Hopefully I have it fixed now.