Sunday, August 13, 2006

FCC Rule 15, Section 15.203

The following section is where I believe Sirius will run afoul of the FCC rules regarding the non-standard connectors. Past radios used a standard jack for the FMOut signal. The new and re-certified radio appear to also use a standard jack, but this has not been confirmed.

Although the Ki Ryung radios use an internal antenna inaccessible to the user, they also provide access to the FMOut signal via a standard jack. Users are already figuring out ways to connect an "antenna" to the FMOut jack that allows the radios to broadcast for blocks or even miles in some cases. This appears to be a violation of Section 15.203. Many of the WNC radios also have the FMOut signal.

Section 15.203 Antenna requirement.

An intentional radiator shall be designed to ensure that no antenna other than that furnished by the responsible party shall be used with the device. The use of a permanently attached antenna or of an antenna that uses a unique coupling to the intentional radiator shall be considered sufficient to comply with the provisions of this Section. The manufacturer may design the unit so that a broken antenna can be replaced by the user, but the use of a standard antenna jack or electrical connector is prohibited. This requirement does not apply to carrier current devices or to devices operated under the provisions of Sections 15.211, 15.213, 15.217, 15.219, or 15.221. Further, this requirement does not apply to intentional radiators that must be professionally installed, such as perimeter protection systems and some field disturbance sensors, or to other intentional radiators which, in accordance with Section 15.31(d), must be measured at the installation site. However, the installer shall be responsible for ensuring that the proper antenna is employed so that the limits in this Part are not exceeded.

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